Hi, I’m Susan and I’m all about Self-Talk. Did you know the things we tell ourselves ultimately shape our reality? That our internal dialogue is so important that it effects our lives and shapes our decisions everyday?

I’ve spent my life studying and harnessing the power of self talk and how it can truly change lives for the better. Along the way I dedicated my life’s work to helping others make the shift to a productive mindset and gain immense clarity and action as a result.

I’ve seen it happen and I want it to happen for you.

What's your "Achille’s heel" ?

Are you the master of your thoughts? Or do they control you?

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Wake up excited


Wake up excited. Go to sleep fulfilled.

It’s possible with Self-Talk! The internal dialogue in our heads is made up of messages that shape our reality. All these messages, both positive and negative, affect our lives and shapes our personal and professional decisions EVERYDAY!

Coaching with me is an equal relationship between coach and client with a 100% focus on your agenda to use Self-Talk to accomplish your goals.

Learn more. Do more.

Learn more. Do more.

As a professional certified coach, I’ve maintained a library of literature that has influenced me on my journey. Most importantly, as you review any self-help or personal growth resources, take the time to reflect on your own internal dialogue. There are a wide range of books ranging from leadership, relationship, self-help, career, brain research...take a look!



Susan helped me not just to reach a goal, but understanding why I want to reach it and the spirit behind reaching it. Sometimes the goals we set do not match the values we have and she has guided me to sort out what really matters and what is truly meaningful to me.

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Susan creates a feeling of safety and security allowing me to know I can explore and reach to attain goals and new directions I set for myself. It is a joy to have the opportunity to work with her. With her expertise, I have moved beyond my expectations of what I hoped coaching would bring to my life.

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Talk Yourself Into Success!

Excited to share my positive self-talk strategies and resilience techniques which lead to living a
satisfying and fulfilling life in my new book!
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The Power of Positive Self-Talk.

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