Susan is an incredible listener! After I explained, in convoluted detail, all of the various players in my work life, Susan had the uncanny ability to recall how all of them fit together and understood the dynamics of these relationships. In a recent meeting with my supervisor, I maintained my composure and confidence in a way that had been very difficult before Susan’s coaching. She gave me the tools, taught me the skills and ‘self-talk’ I need to handle challenging situations in both my work and personal life.

Lisa S.
Director, Assistant Professor

Dear Susan,

Thank you for meeting with me.It was a lovely exchange and I appreciated the time you gave me. You recently incentivized me to continue my reading and workshops, the ones I take and got me thinking about the new ones I want to deliver.

I’m so impressed by the results and conclusions of your earliest curiosities.  How remarkable it is that you were on the path of coaching before it was deemed a “profession”!

And how deep an understanding of your own awareness to recognize the value and relevance of self talk- both positive / affirming and negative / sabatoging.

Carol F.

“It’s not just about setting goals and laying out a plan to achieve them, it’s more about creating a customized plan tailored to the individuals specific strengths and values. Susan helped me not just to reach a goal, but understanding why I want to reach it and the spirit behind reaching it. Sometimes the goals we set do not match the values we have and she has guided me to sort out what really matters and what is truly meaningful to me”

Dr. Tim Scheuerman
D.C. Chiropractor

Ney-Silverman Insurance Associates, LLC is an insurance agency with a growth spurt. Two experienced insurance brokers brought their years of experience and books of business together to take advantage of each other’s varied expertise. Bringing together the client bases became the easy part. Melding long-time staff with new coworkers, schooled producers with ones new to insurance to make the office working environment coalesce into a happy family took work. Susan provided the guidance that prompted each of us to work hard. Not just to work hard to make the agency grow, but the guidance to help us work to become a family.

Mike N. and Bob. S
Owners, Ney-Silverman Insurance Associates, LLC

Thank you for the excellent guidance you have given me. You have helped me to grow both personally and professionally in a number of areas. I was always amazed how you knew just the right thing to say or the right questions to ask to help me get to the next level. Your guidance helped give me clarity on some very difficult judgment calls I needed to make. I believe your insights helped me make some very smart decisions. I would certainly recommend you to anyone that is trying to improve their life, grow their business, reduce stress, or improve their time management skills. Thanks for everything.

Ron Sitrin
Business Owner

I wanted to thank you and share with you my continued success since I became your client. Before meeting with you I was over whelmed and a little disorganized. After meeting with you and putting to practical use the techniques that you taught me I have completely turned around how I feel great about myself and how I am viewed by others. When you assisted me in putting together my business plan, I appreciated your wisdom. Rather than telling me I had to do things a certain way. When my business plan was completed my CEO was very happy with the way all of my goals were set and the different methods that I was going to institute to achieve them. I have seen a 25% increase in profitability, and I owe a lot of that you and your coaching.

Eric Eisenberg
General Manager

Susan, I want to commend you on the effectiveness of your coaching approach. You have been most helpful to me in identifying strategies and approaches to build the buy-in of my colleagues to our newly launched Corporate Strategy program. Putting this in place was a challenge because it is the first time that our organization and our executive team have approached the development, execution and success measurement of our corporate strategy in a structured way. The techniques that we explored together have paid off with results that will inure to the success of the Consortium. I will be happy to recommend you to future prospective clients.

Michael P. Frampton
Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Plan Relations and
Corporate Secretary

Susan’s Positive Self-Talk workshop gave me a whole new perspective on how to approach so many things in my life. By “coaching” my inner voice to speak in a positive light I’ve been able to take the concept of a can-do attitude to entirely different levels. I’ve also found these positive self-talk skills are critical for my children and I’ve been using them as a tool to teach my children that they truly can do whatever they put their mind to.

Kelly V.

I attended Susan’s “How to De-Clutter Your Life and Manage Your Time” at life has been going more smoothly. I learned concrete things I could do to be more organized and efficient, while gaining knowledge how to de-clutter my life…I feel lighter and less stressed.

Greg B.

I never thought how much clutter was bringing me down and making my life feel so “heavy”. De-cluttering my negative thoughts and getting rid of the physical items that were taking up a lot of room, has allowed me to be more focused and clear. We took things slowly so I didn’t feel overwhelmed, and Susan has been a committed partner every step of the way.

Jamie S.

Thank you for all of the assistance, guidance and wisdom you have given me over the past seven months. I have truly benefited and grown from what I’ve learned through our coaching sessions. Quite often, we lose along the way, basic fundamental principles that if maintained will help to balance our personal/professional lives – as well as maintain happiness, and encourage passion. You have helped me become more aware and have gotten me on the right path to achieve just that – balance, happiness and passion. Your instruction and encouragement has helped my professional, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Thank you again!

Bessie B.
Customer Service Manager

The seminars that you facilitate are indeed a key component of the Counseling and Career Center. Moreover, they are a great complement to our counseling services. As a workshop presenter on the category of Personal Growth and Optimum Living for Women, you offer an incredible source of knowledge and practical guidelines for our clients. Your workshop Positive Self-Talk is a great asset to our Center. Often clients have called to let us know that the workshops they took informed them of aspects they were not aware of previously, opening doors to new possibilities. You make more than a difference. You are an inspiration. You bring your knowledge, commitment and care to everyone who attends your seminars. We are grateful for your dedication.

Clotilde Puertolas
Workshop Coordinator, Montgomery County Commission for Women Counseling and Career Center
(Susan was presented with a certificate of appreciation during Volunteer Recognition Month)

I attended Susan’s MindCamp™ For Women Professionals. I was looking for focus in my career, with my family, and planning for new learning experiences. As the New Year began I felt a bit overwhelmed. The half-day MindCamp brought together an energetic and diverse group of professional women, all anxious to learn and grow. The follow-up strategy session (that was offered to each participant) helped me evaluate my options, put a name on things that were bothering me and provided positive, tactile things to do to keep my focus and move forward. Thanks Susan!

Candia Campbell

I had never worked with a Life Coach before. I had been working on completing a photography portfolio as well as struggling with the direction that I wanted to go in with photography in general. Susan helped me find that direction. She helped me map out things that needed to be accomplished and roadblocks that were stopping me from achieving specific goals. I was able to achieve what I wanted to, and I don’t think I would have had the focus to do it without Susan’s help.

Lauren H.

In coaching one-on-one with Susan, I have gained so much that has helped me personally and professionally. Her positive self-talk strategies have helped me sustain a positive mindset and confidence. I now have more clarity on what direction I’m going.

Diane L.

I was going through some major life and career transitions. With Susan’s guidance and support, I was able to get the clarity I needed to help me focus and move forward. We brainstormed a step by step plan, and then I got into action, and I feel great! My work and personal life are much more balanced.

Brian P.

My business partner and I were having communication issues which were negatively affecting our relationship and our company’s growth. Susan did a great job helping us work through some tough spots. Our business is flourishing!

Steve and Sam

Susan is a true mentor and coach. She inspires others to grow into a better version of themselves by supporting and asking great questions. I truly respect and admire Susan and would highly recommend her as a coach.

Monica T.
Executive Coach

The one–on-one session with the Peoplemap assessment is a great way to get a strong insight of your personality as well as other personalities you deal with on a normal basis. It helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses, how to act on those to be successful, and how to create successful relationships in the work place.

Kellie Long

Susan has really helped me prioritize my schedule and has helped me focus more on the task at hand.

Jeff K.
Account Executive