Talk Yourself Into Success and Get the Outcomes You Desire

In this course, powerful tools will be presented and explored that have the potential to create an ease and forward movement in your life. For example, saying no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes. One more golden nugget…the thoughts you think followed by the words you speak, create your reality, moment by moment

This course will focus on:


Positive Self-Talk  Strategies and Self-Care

Resilience Techniques

Influence of Change and Transition

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Talk Yourself into Success

Talk Yourself into Success for Coaches


Attendee Testimonial


“I have been pondering what I hope to get out of the webinar. Before the class began, I wasn’t sure how much I needed more positive self talk.  I was already working on it somewhat, doing positive affirmations in the mirror most mornings.  However, since the webinar, I see there are many more opportunities to change my self talk than I had realized.  It  has been eye-opening.”

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