Being Productive at Times of Uncertainty

Realistically, we all need to take things one day at a time. It is easy to do to be looking into the future, but you should not be thrown by the uncertainty that lies ahead. As my mother told me 40-years ago, we make plans and prepare for the future, and that’s a positive thing to do, but, sometimes a higher power has something else in mind. The truth is none of us really know what’s ahead, so we should not count too heavily on today’s circumstances.

Make the most of each day, even if you are quarantined. Because I find structure helpful, I made a schedule for myself that consists of morning fitness classes (online of course), then showering, then a healthy breakfast, and after that, telework coaching sessions with clients. In my area of work, most of my clients wanted to meet by phone, FaceTime or Zoom, so that wasn’t a big leap. 

I take 15-minute breaks between clients and typically step outside to get some fresh air. Food deliveries come around dinner time, so the ritual is to disinfect them and put the groceries away. That in itself feels like a workout! I’m sure you have experienced this yourself.

How are you spending your days? How are you keeping up your morale? What is your concern about the ‘new normal?’

Here are a few tips to reduce your stress: 

  1. If you like structure, make yourself a schedule and stick to it;
  2. Try to accomplish one thing professionally and one thing personally each day; 
  3. Take baby steps each day: to keep you moving forward, so you don’t feel stuck (set goals for yourself);
  4. Look to the future and the past but don’t get stuck there; be present and in the moment … there are no “should haves, would haves, could haves or what ifs in the present;
  5. Be creative with your time – find ways can you increase time with family, friends and relationships in your life.

Note: Feel free to reach out to Susan to learn more about how her expertise in self-talk, resilience, and life and career transition can support you.