Focus on What We Can Control

My grandmother had a saying, “When you plan, G-d laughs.” I realized as I got older that what she was really talking about was control.

It’s not that she was saying not to plan, it’s that she was saying make your plans but be flexible about them. How I interpret it is that there will always be situations that are outside of our control and learn to “go with the flow.” It’s certainly less stressful. In my experience I’ve noticed that there’s usually something better waiting for us, and instead of pushing through a closed door, seek one that is open. You can be persistent, and at a certain point you want to make decisions to shift or to keep pushing and depleting your energy.

Your time is valuable and precious. Don’t waste it on things you can’t control. The more you resist, the more things persist. That makes life harder. You do have control of yourself – your reactions, actions, effort, and attitude. You will benefit by using your energy wisely.

Focus on the action you can take by making conscious decisions to move forward. Put your energy into something fulfilling and satisfying.

Don’t let negative emotions, resentments, and unproductive thoughts linger and guide you. Manage your emotions outside your comfort one. It may feel uncomfortable stepping out of your comfort zone. Take baby steps. You don’t have to jump in the deep end of the pool, just put a toe in.

To summarize, follow these tips for a positive outcome:

1) Use your energy wisely when things are out of our control

2) Make conscious decisions

3) Put your energy into things you can control

4) Focus on thoughts and actions that move you forward

5) Take baby steps

6) Choose something that is fulfilling and has meaning to you

7) Watch life flow more easily