Good Vibrations!

In the words of the Beach Boys, “Good, good, good, good vibrations!”

On a brighter note: 10 Things Going Well on Our Planet

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of everything negative. I’d like to share some positive actions people and companies are taking to help one another. Heroes are as diverse as the acts they choose to do. 

  1. People, volunteers are stepping up to help others in need 
  2. Positive attention and actions being taken on the environment
  3. Animals (elephants, gorillas) being born in Africa have greatly increased and no longer is on the endangered species list
  4. Tech firms are making the digital world less intrusive for children to respect children’s privacy and personal data
  5. Man jumps into a bay to save a toddler
  6. Town raises $1k to give to a UPS driver to thank him for being essential during the pandemic
  7. Furniture store owner donates his retail space as a shelter
  8. Plumber helped 10,000 vulnerable families by fixing heating and plumbing for free during the pandemic
  9. Teacher spent every day in lockdown preparing food for his pupils and delivered 7,500 packed lunches
  10. Pollution is dropping

The great thing is, I can fill pages with good news. If you get the urge to help others, there is nothing too small, or big, so go for it! You’ll get as much joy as the recipients. Email me your top ten at: [email protected]