Be Creative and Use Your Imagination During the Pandemic … And Don’t Pressure Yourself!

People are sheltering to protect themselves and their loved ones from the spread of the coronavirus. Whether you are quarantining with others, or alone, use your imagination and be creative to stay mentally and physically healthy. Creating helps us feel better. 

Constructively Vent and Get Outside

I’ve got clients telling me if they have one more video call, they’re going to scream! Screaming might actually be a good idea. It’s good to get it out in a constructive way. 

Find your own space to ease the burdens of being tired and frustrated. Whether that space is inside or out, there is nothing wrong with a good scream. Many people also find that simply being outside can help clear the head. That space can make it possible to be more creative. 

What Inspires You … Take Action and Make it a Reality


Another client told me he and his family love music. Each is playing the instrument they play, or singing, and trying to make it ‘band-worthy.’ While they may not make it to a real stage, it can be fun to dream! 

If you enjoy music, and it’s a stress-reducer for many, there’s an online concert venue called ‘StageIt’ where artists perform live shows from their laptop that are never recorded or archived. ‘StageIt’ allows both the artist and the fans to be part of the show. Check it out! 


Some people find inspiration in writing. It doesn’t have to be long or a masterpiece. Get your laptop or a pen and notebook and start writing. Become your creative you.  Write a story.  The exercise itself can be amazing!

Another idea to keep you focused is to write out some goals:  put pen to paper and write down one short-term and one long-term goal. Visualize what you want to achieve and write brief steps on how to make it happen. 

Cooking and Baking

For all of us, cooking and baking can be a great outlet. Whether you create new recipes or use old recipes, you can have fun and enjoy it! 

Try Something New or Restart Something You Had Put Away

Remember that old model plane you were gluing together or that painting you started? What about the book club you’re in but haven’t read the past two books? Now is as good as time as any to develop a new hobby or rekindle what you started. There are many games online today that you can access and be as involved as you like!

Brainstorm Ideas

This might be a very good time to set personal and professional goals you would like to reach, and then brainstorm some ideas with friends, family or colleagues. What would you like to accomplish, short-term or long-term? Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Physical Exercise

It is also very important to be physically fit. You may have been a member of a gym or played team sports. Keep in mind you can do things outside like running or walking. Something I did recently was to set up an in-house mini gym. I take on-line fitness classes. I have also purchased light weights, mats, a jump rope, and bands. I’m taking everything from cardio and aerobics classes to barre and stretching. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Whew!

One word of caution is to not pressure yourself. You can’t force creativity. Check in with yourself and accept where you are. Let that be your starting point. After all, life is about cycles. Day gives way to night, the tide flows in and out and so on. Be kind to yourself and do your best.