Making Adjustments and Choosing to Stay Motivated During Covid

By now, most people realize that there is no end in sight for the Coronavirus. One day the numbers go down in people contracting the virus and then a surge is announced with numbers going up. No end in sight can result in people feeling down or anxious, and while that is one choice, there are other perspectives. 

The choice I’m making for myself, and in guiding my clients, is to focus on staying motivated, being productive, and socially connected. While we all have to make adjustments in life, health, and business, we must also hold onto whatever is positive.

Here are a few tips that are easy to follow:

Don’t be a news junkie – If you’re addicted to the new, there’s a good chance you’re feeling down. Try to minimize the amount of time your spending listening or watching the news. Don’t watch or listen before you go to sleep because that’s what you’ll be processing the whole night.

Set goals each day. Even if you’re productivity is not at its peak right now, the sense of accomplishment feels good, no matter how small it is! 

Make sure you are taking breaks throughout the day. While working at home is difficult for some (ability to focus and be disciplined), overworking can be an issue for others. Making a schedule can help you integrate your work and personal life.

Watch your energy level. Be aware whether you are feeling depleted or energized so that you can make the appropriate adjustments to your life.

Plan Face-Time or Zoom calls to stay socially and professionally connected.

Take care of your fitness. If you can spare some room, try an at-home fitness area. Order a mat, some hand weights, and bands for the legs. There are online fitness classes or make up your own routine.

Follow the guidelines with social distancing and stay healthy.